How do you ship my order?
We ship completely plastic free! Our packaging is reused from other shipments, so packaging may vary from time to time. Please re-use again or compost. We also have an option for carbon-neutral shipping through Cloverly. You'll be able to see exactly where your offset is headed. 

Where do you get products?
Our products are sourced from companies that align with our values. We love to work with local brands, small sustainable companies and women-owned companies. We also source select plastic free vintage and secondhand kitchen and housewares to keep useable, functional items circulating in the economy. 

Can I bring my own jar to fill?
Absolutely! We encourage you to bring cleaned, pre-loved jars and save them from the landfill. The most sustainable option is the jar you already own. The jar must be clean and dry. We do have glass and aluminum options for purchase if you forget your own.

Are you hiring?
We are not hiring at this time. We hope to be able to hire like-minded individuals in the future. Feel free to e-mail your resume and a little info about yourself and we will keep it on file for when the time comes. Please stop by and say hello!

Is the shop dog-friendly?
Yes! Feel free to bring your pup into the shop. We just ask that they be leashed and mindful of other guests shopping in the store. 

I make a sustainable product. Can I sell my items in your store?
We are always looking for new items that align with our values. We'd love to hear from you!

Is this a "zero-waste" store?
Yes! We prefer the term "low-waste" over "zero-waste" as we are far from perfect. Everyone's lifestyle is different and we're here to help the community make small changes to reduce personal waste.

Does the shop produce waste?
We are proud to say that very little waste makes it to the curb at Good Buy Supply. We have set up recycling programs with TerraCycle and Bottle Underground to keep the shop waste from heading to the landfill. We reuse as much of vendor packaging as possible for our online shipments and business cards. Are you local to Philly and need free materials for moving or shipping? We can help with that! 

What items can we recycle with Good Buy Supply?
Any glass bottles/jars/etc., razor blades from safety razors, and David's toothpaste tube keys. This list is growing so stay tuned for more partnerships!

What is Bottle Underground?
Bottle Underground is non-profit organization from the founders of Remark Glass. We have partnered with them as a neighborhood glass drop off point. Our shop will collect any cleaned glass bottles or jars destined for the landfill and Bottle Underground will re-circulate them back into the Philadelphia community. Learn more about their program here: https://remarkglass.com/ 
~ Have a question you don't see here? Send us a message or stop in the shop. 🙂